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Travelling with Animals

Travelling with Animals

For all animals the following applies

To find out which animals are allowed and/or prohibited, which documents are required, and which rules apply to transport your animal, we recommend consulting the embassies of the country of departure and the country of destination. Notification of animal transport must be made at the time of reservation. Final acceptance of the animal is to the sole discretion of the check-in personnel, crew and the Captain of the aircraft. Entry of animals, including service animals into any country, is the full responsibility of the passenger. We advise you to book your flight and plan the transportation of animals ahead of time since space on aircraft is limited. Jetair is not liable for any extra cost arising from an animal being denied entry and assumes no responsibility for animals denied entry, quarantined, or euthanized due to denial of entry by government officials.

Animals in hold are not permitted on Jetair flights.

• Allowance: 06kg maximum including kennel
• Fee: USD 75.00
• Cabin kennel (G) (IATA cabin): L 43 cm x W 31 cm x H 21 cm
• Final acceptance of the animal in cabin is up to captain decision. Kennel/crate must fit completely underneath the seat in front of the        passenger’s assigned.

Special service animals are accepted if all the following conditions are met:

•    Notification of the service animal must be made to Jetair at the time of reservation or 72 hours before
       scheduled departure
•    The passenger, upon request, a certified medical statement outlining the medical requirements for the
       service animal.